Supreme Security Case™


Meet the most in-demand phone case - The Supreme Security Case™

No-Peeking, Magnetic, and No-Scratch

The Supreme Security Case is fully equipped with light filtration privacy film, making it anti-peek, so you don’t have to worry about the people standing beside you reading your messages and emails when you are on your phone. However, YOU will still be able to see the screen yourself when looking directly at it! It also has a double-sided tempered glass for 360° protection from shock & scratches.

Get yours with Free Shipping on orders over $15 (promo for the iPhone 13 launch only).

There's no need to be hassled by bulky phone cases.

Engineered for ultimate mobile device protection. It’s super slim frame is made from high-grade aluminum and uses advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic coating technology. An antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of microorganisms has also been applied to the surface that has a chemical compound which is toxic to microorganisms, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses!

  • Crafted from military grade materials makes it extra lightweight, yet less prone to damage
  • Enjoy zero-connection interference. aluminum is well-known to effectively boost wireless signal so you're not only assured efficient connection, but it may just help boost it even more!
  • Cleverly designed sidebars keeps your screen, camera and phone body from direct damage for those inevitable accidental phone drops
  • The multiple magnetic locks attached on the sidebars make for easy phone access and easy installation. Open it sideways, flip from top to bottom or vice versa, or take off the cover like you would a lid, while at the same time providing foolproof adsorption - there's no way you're dropping your phone un-protected

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